Flag off.
My feet leaped like they were on fire.
My heart raced, unraveling the bundle of nerves it was bounded by and my eyes widened.
We on our way towards a splendid run,just me and the sun.

The beginning of every run is a victory in itself. And speaking of beginnings, here’s a little bit about my story I’d like to share with you.

I was a seventeen year old, in my first year of medical school.A low test score on my first Anatomy test had a very naive me questioning my career. With very little self confidence buried in 72 kgs of blubber ,I found my way around the track,only to experience a sweet amalgam of pain and joy. Marathons and medicine aren’t very different from each other. They’re both long, arduous journeys,with tons of roadblocks on the way and a blissful destination at the end. It isn’t a surprise that many doctors enjoy running,I guess we have a strange affinity for pain.

My first run was nothing short of a revelation. There was just no turning back after that. Over the course of time,the track was my temple,and I’d circle around it every single day, and head to the library after my run. It was on this journey that met a bunch of crazy runners. Sid,Ganga, Gajendra,Sandeep,Dhaval, and Girish sir will always have a special place in my heart for introducing me to the joys of outdoor running. Little did I know that what was coming up next was nothing short of a miracle.Over the next few years,we ran all over Manipal.Railway Bridge,Kaapu,Malpe,Delta, TAPMI,Swarna easily over thirty times,(and to this date I manage to get lost on my way there,but we’ll leave that story for another day). The best part, however,was that with every run ,the group got bigger, the distances grew longer and our calves were stronger. Soon we did half marathons and eventually became full marathoners.But most importantly,we became great friends.

There were roadblocks along the way,but they’ve only made me stronger as a runner. A series of overuse injuries and two weeks of strange aches had gotten to my mind enough to convince me never to run again. And somewhere along the way I realized how running had so much more to do with the mind than I’d imagined. As Med students, we were taught a great deal on how to take care of our patients but we’re seldom told to take care of ourselves. It was through running that I’d realized how respecting one’s body and mind go a long way in internal and eventually external growth.

We all have an inner voice,one that most of us suppress,burdened by fear. The day we learn to listen to that inner voice is the day we live,unconditionally.

Running has helped me connect with myself in ways I’d never imagined..and I have a long way to go on this journey, but boy,I’m glad I took the first step.


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